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Tellier Electronics Limited has been providing business, industry and government with micro-computer solutions since 1978. We specialize in the design, maintenance, and implementation of open system micro-computer systems, software solutions, and computer peripherals. Specifically:
    sales and service of computer systems and peripherals,

    upgrades for IBM and compatible computers,

    network installation, on-site service and maintenance,

    quick turn around for computer repairs and upgrades

Our philosophy is to provide you with the best service in the industry. We guarantee our recommended solutions will work for you!


We repair and provide upgrades for most IBM and compatible micro-computers and compatible peripherals. Turn around time is based on your requirements. On-site service also available.


We have a broad range of products available including:
    complete computer systems,

    laser, ink-jet, dot-matrix printers,

    fax modems,

    IDE and SCSI hard drive subsystems,

    CD-ROM, floppy disk drives, and tape backup units.

Operating Systems

We are able to support the following operating systems:

    Windows95, Windows98, WindowsNT




We sell and can get you started using a variety of software applications including:




    and word processing packages.


Local/Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) systems, multi-tasking, multi-user operating systems geared toward program development and real-time process control, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Please contact us for more information either by:

using our email at tim@tellier.mb.ca,

    by mail at Tellier Electronics Limited, 1376 Spruce Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3E 2V7,

    by phone at 1-204-774-1741, or by fax at 1-204-783-3185.

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